#The International Introduction

Hey. My name Is Blue Vader. And this is NOT a Jack-ass in 3D or 4D or whatever. This blog consist of over-rated jokes and sarcatism, mostly In Malays and English and both. Please, Do not take it seriously shit as I mention in all of my post. If you butthurt yourself, please click this link here :) Thank you

Every moron post in this page, is confirmed 100% made by me, the Blue Vader. If you want to shared it on Facebook notes, or Twitter, feel free to DO IT. But, please, at least paste also my blog address.

This blog is a personal blog, wirtten by me, based on my personal thought. The Owner of this blog did not responsible  for any comment that have you done in the comment section. If your comment is consider as irritated and can butthurt a whole country, with my VETO power, I shalt delete your comment.

This web blog does not store any file on its server. And NEVER store any files. All of the object/material such as pictures, download link, file, porn and popcorn are indexed from other websites  

Any media such as pictures, videos and graphic forms, are not copyrighted as it taken mostly from search engines. if its copyrighted, all credit goes to the owner and I did not own the copyrights.Other than that, I also made some Photoshop on the photo to make it unique and more sarcatism. That my skills.

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